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We are here to provide expert advice on fireplaces, landscaping, and stone engraving.

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Hebron Brick is your trusted expert in indoor fireplaces, outdoor fireplaces, stoves, fire pits, and fireplace accessories. Let us assist you in creating your home’s perfect heating solution and hearth design.

From design to installation, Hebron Brick is your trusted landscaping design, supply, and installation company. Our specialized landscaping services include brick patios, pavers, stone features, outdoor fireplaces, retaining walls, and planting.

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How Long Will It Take?

Project duration varies depending on the job. Many of our local jobs will take just a few short days to complete. We try to make the process as quick and easy as possible so our customers can enjoy their new home amenities. Contact us today for a free quote!

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At Hebron, we are committed to ensuring that your project is completed quickly, with as few headaches as possible. Our mission is to help you complete the project that you will not only love forever, but will last forever. 

Patio Paver Install

Looking for an easy DIY project to make your back yard more inviting? Learn how from a Hebron professional. 

Fireplace Purchase Process

Ready to buy a new fireplace for your home or upgrade that old ugly one? Here’s how to go about that process. 

DIY Guide

From fireplace installation to a full exterior remodel, we’ve got the experts to get you through the job from start to finish.

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