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Fireplace Purchase Process

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Customer is greeted in the showroom by a professional and knowledgeable sales team member that will help determine what type of look/vibe the owner is after, and show them appropriate product that fits within their budget and design framework- can we do a tv above, will it fit in this corner, etc… These selections are documented in our system and passed on to the Fireplace Division estimator who then contacts owner for a scheduled in home appointment to go over the selections made in the showroom to discuss all of the details. 

The Fireplace Estimator will give the option for a full installation which would include a “turn key” install. This bid can include removal of old product (if applicable), framing, electrical work, gas line, fireplace installation and venting, masonry or other finish work, city permit and inspection fees. There is no need to hire a separate individual to do all of these jobs, we will do it all as one contract-saving you both money and time. 

The owner can opt for all or any part of the bid and have the work performed in a timely and professional manner by licensed employees of Hebron Brick.
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