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MAC profiles add a unique siding style because they have the flexibility to adapt perfectly to all kinds of projects. Distinctive and elegant, MAC sidings will make your property lastingly remarkable, with NO maintenance.

MAC Metal Architectural

MAC Metal is a leader in the design and manufacture of high-end steel exterior cladding. MAC’s products are top choices in terms of aesthetics, durability, waterproofness, and ease of installation, thanks to years of research and development of product profiles, finishes, and colors.


An Environmental Choice

Mac Metal Architectural offers durable materials made entirely of pre-painted steel that requires no maintenance. Choosing steel for siding contributes to the preservation of the environment. Made from recycled materials, the durability and low rate of replacement contribute to the overall reduction of material consumption.

Textural® Technology

2x more resistant to UV rays and 3x more resistant to corrosion, MAC's exclusive TEXTURAL® III and IV painting system offers increased performance against extreme weather conditions.

40-Year Warranty

Because it uses superior grade steel and a unique paint process that ensures its longevity and strength, MAC offers all customers a 40-year Peace of Mind Guarantee. MAC products are developed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Property Value

Did you know that in addition to enhancing the look of your home, steel siding can enhance its property value? With their transferable warranty, MAC's steel cladding oers added value to your home.

Ecological Product

Recognized Ecohabitation favorites, MAC's steel cladding contains a high percentage of recycled materials. They do not produce toxic fumes (carbon) and are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life.

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Our Collection

Steel siding provides durability and strength to the outsides of your house. Corrosion, rust, and decolorization are not a problem, even in the harshest of weather conditions. Check out some of our most popular projects using steel siding. Contact us to learn more about if steel siding is right for you.



Cedar Harrywood

Cedar Harrywood is a rich brown that will look put together on any residential or commercial building. Whether you choose it for a main feature or as an accent, you won’t ever have to worry about it going out of style.

Smoked Birch Harrywood

Smoked Birch Harrywood is the type of finishing that never goes out of style. A classic neutral, it works equally well on both residential and commercial building designs.

Reasons to
Choose MAC

MAC Metal is Color-Fast - Unlike wood, vinyl, or other synthetic sidings, the colors of MAC Metal siding will NEVER fade. The exclusive MAC TEXTURAL Color System includes a six-coat painting process (unlike others that use three coats) that is twice as resistant to UV rays and three times more resistant to corrosion, offering increased performance against bad weather and extreme climatic conditions. The wide range of colors offers an unmatched depth of hues and textures, which perfectly mimic materials such as copper, zinc, and bronze. The matte finish process of MAC Metals eliminates all undesirable glimmer effects from the sun. This process also increases the resistance to scratching and delamination.

It’s Fire Resistant - Wildfires are a serious consideration for homes in the far West, Mountains, and Southwest and synthetic siding such as vinyl can cause extreme damage and harm to the individuals inside the home. According to this article, “Even if a home is struck by lightning, a metal-clad dwelling is almost impervious to fire. This can be a tremendous advantage in high fire areas or areas prone to frequent lightning storms. Such protection might also translate into lower monthly homeowner insurance premiums, you can check with local homeowner’s insurance agents regarding any potential savings on premiums.”

The MAC Metal Warranty is One of the Best in the Industry - “As long as the MAC Metal Siding is installed to the manufacturer’s specifications, it has a 40-year warranty,” Pearce said. “When this is compared to wood siding, which must be re-painted and caulked every 10 years, this is a huge saving for the homeowner.”

It’s Environmentally Friendly - More and more homeowners are wanting to reduce their carbon footprint and demanding GREEN products for their home. MAC Metal Siding is made from 100% recycled materials. This means homes and buildings can earn points toward LEED certification with this GREEN metal siding.

No Maintenance is Required - “While vinyl siding can become brittle over time, especially in below freezing conditions, and wood and fiber cement siding will require painting and caulking at least every decade, MAC Metal Siding is maintenance free,” said Gary Pearce of Acme Brick. “That’s why these products have such an outstanding warranty of 40 years. It is extremely durable. Plus, MAC is not affected by moisture, which precludes the mold and mildew problems that can occur with wood and vinyl siding in damp climates.”

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