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Any brick color, texture or size can easily be matched. You’ll find the right solution for whatever your project demands at Hebron Brick.



Contact one of our dealers near you, or visit one of our local showrooms today to choose from one of the nation’s largest selection of brick design ideas. A friendly and knowledgeable sales staff will assist you in crafting the perfect look for your project. Any brick color, texture or size can easily be matched. You’ll find the right solution for whatever your project demands with Hebron Brick.

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Make history all over again with our new line of retro-style thin brick. Perfect for giving any space that historic look with a dramatically hip flair, Authentic Americana™ thin brick doesn’t require foundational support so you can install it practically anywhere; indoors or outdoors, even on ceilings! Whether new construction or retrofit, Hebron Brick Lite™ thin brick is the right choice for easy installation and lasting beauty. Adding a rich ambiance to your space is now an easy, do-it-yourself project.


Thin fired clay units, commonly known as thin brick, have gained increasing popularity by combining the aesthetic of traditional brick masonry with the economic benefits that may be realized in thinner wall sections. Though thin brick were first developed in the 1950s as a way to reface existing construction, current applications include both new and existing structures in residential and commercial construction.

Thin brick veneer, also referred to as adhered veneer, is available in many varieties but can be classified by four basic installation methods: thick set, thin set, modular panel systems and prefabricated panels. The first two involve field installation of each brick unit on a substrate with either a thick mortar bed for thick set or a thin layer of modified mortar or adhesive for thin set. Modular panel systems use an intermediary panel with a typical area of 4 to 6 sq ft (0.33 to 0.5 m²) made of polystyrene, metal or other materials to assist in supporting the thin brick. The modular panels are either fastened to the substrate wall with thin brick already adhered to them or the thin brick are adhered to the panels in the field. Prefabricated panels involve creating larger, structurally independent panels (typically) larger than 10 sq ft (1 m²) that are lifted into place on the building. Panels consisting of architectural precast concrete or steel or wood stud framing are usually constructed off site, while concrete for tilt-up panels is usually poured in the field.

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