Home Ideas: Brick By Brick, Building A Legacy

Written By: Emily Pogue, Home Ideas, November 2020

AS THE DAYS BEGIN TO SHORTEN AND THE TEMPERATURE STARTS TO FALL, people will eke out the last few crisp nights of autumn in front of their fire pits and begin to curl up in front of their indoor fireplaces. For Hebron Brick Supply of Sioux Falls, this is when their brick and stone materials, fireplace installs, and incredible craftsmanship take center stage.

Since 1904, Hebron Brick Supply has been building their reputation for superior hardscape and masonry products. Not only does Hebron Supply continue the 116-year tradition of manufacturing brick in their Hebron, ND location, they also supply their exceptional products all over the US and Canada. As a natural stone, manufactured stone, and landscape supply company who is international, there is a reputation that was built brick by brick on extraordinary craftsmanship and superior materials.

At Hebron, you will find a large selection of brick and, with the ability to match

any color, texture, or size, they are sure to have what you need to carry out your unique vision. In addition to its versatility, brick is also less expensive than other materials. While there is a perception that brick is harder to install and therefore a more costly application, brick is a more inexpensive option than stone in both cost of materials and installation.

Beyond the traditional architectural brick, Hebron also offers a thin-brick, which doesn’t require the same foundational support. Because they are especially thin brick at just a half-inch thick, they can be applied with glue versus the typical mortar and they are DIY friendly. The Hebron Brick Lite is user friendly and can be applied to walls, ceilings, and other facades.


While brick is one of the materials that Hebron’s experts are knowledgeable in, they are also the premier supplier for hardscaping materials as well. They offer manufactured and natural stone as well as concrete block.

Hebron keeps up on trends and technology to ensure its customers are able to choose from industry innovations. Currently, there is a trend toward using natural stone applications versus manufactured. Many of the houses and fireplaces being designed today are using the modern style, linear stone. While stone is being used marginally more than brick, the Hebron Brick Lite is changing those odds with its ease of use.

One of the newer technologies that is being used consistently is the linear fireplaces with heat redistribution. Allowing the heat to come from the piping that runs behind the unit instead of directly from it, allows the clearance to combustibles to be a lot lower. In easy terms, that big TV you’d like on your mantle can be as close as six inches to the unit in some instances, which translates into a warm and safe distribution of heat without sacrificing the big screen.

Along with the incredible variety of brick and stone, there is also an assortment of units and installation ideas to view in their showroom at 2211 West 50th Street in Sioux Falls. With 11 units on display, 2 fire pits, and an outside grill, there is plenty of information and inspiration to go around. Those ideas can help you choose between gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces, for indoor or outdoor installations, with the comfort of knowing the proper fit and gas lining is complete so that you can safely enjoy the ambience. Hebron Brick Supply is also incredibly knowledgeable about what it takes to retrofit your wood-burning fireplace to an energy-efficient gas or electric fireplace.

Their design team will help you create a fireplace that fits your specific budget, vision, and needs. An experienced service and install manager will then travel to the site to make sure the unit will work in the space and provide a free quote. Installation is done by their fully-licensed and certified fireplace installers who ensure the process is done well. Hebron’s full service doesn’t stop at installation; they also firmly believe in educating their customers on the proper maintenance of their products.

Once the fireplace is all set up, there’s another creative facet to Hebron’s line of products that is equally as breathtaking
as their masonry and hardscape; mantels. These one-of-a-kind creations are beautifully and uniquely designed by their in-house woodcrafters from 100-year-old wood and truly put the final touch on a magnificent design.

Whether you’re a contractor or a retail customer, the proficient designers at Hebron Brick Supply have the expertise to help you create a functional and unique indoor or outdoor living space using the highest quality materials. Visit their showroom today or find them online at www.hebronbrick.com.

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